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If you are looking for a proofreader and/or copy editor for business requirements or for manuscript proofing, Copy–proof is the right company for you. It is passionate about the written word, or more specifically the 'correct' written word; whether it is in a hard copy or digital format.

Copy-proof is also passionate about the correct spelling, the correct grammar, the correct punctuation, the correct language and the correct sentence structure.

To ensure that everything you write is correct every time, you should use a qualified and experienced proofreader or copy editor, such as Julia Bodie at Copy-proof. Julia will undertake to proofread and edit your work in a timely and professional manner.

How you write and what you write defines you in business, or as an author, or as a professional, and when used correctly, words speak volumes. Poor use of spelling, grammar and punctuation reflect badly on you or your organisation. Look upon a website for example, as your company's reception area or a window into your business. If there are glaring mistakes it can lead to negative first impressions.  

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